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Client work

As a freelancer, I am currently part of an agile software engineering and data science team that manages and is responsible for the business vertical "benefits and promotions" for a large number of online stores of an e-commerce multichannel retailer.

Our microservices tech stack includes Scala, Akka, Vue.js, Kafka, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes. I just started using Scala in January 2022: It's fun, although I like Kotlin better, which I used full time for 3.5 years before.

We work remotely, as I have been doing full time for my clients since 2017.


I have been a regular freelance academic trainer for 10 years this month. Wow! That sounds longer than it feels. I mentor, guide, support and have fun with students in three different semesters. The next sessions are going to start in November 2022. I am currently reviewing and preparing a fourth semester course to begin in January 2023.

In the following are a few details if you want to know more.

My regular teaching sessions

In the freshman and sophomore semester I teach and mentor students how to use and handle Java programming. That covers procedural, imperative, functional and object-oriented programming.

In the fourth semester, I teach my students a JavaScript-based technology stack from scratch, to which I make annual changes. We form six to seven project teams consisting of three to four people with different project roles. In addition to HTTP and REST as basics for communication in our client-server architecture, we use Git as a file version management system for distributed collaboration in the project teams and VSCode as our code editor. Besides these basics, I teach advanced fundamentals for the concrete implementation of various software projects such as a community forum, a survey management system, a course booking platform and others. The commitment and team spirit with which the students give free rein to their creativity is truly amazing! I have seen projects come out of the ground in two to three months that were better and more modern than solutions on the current market! Until this year the stack consists of JavaScript and Tailwind CSS on the client side, Node.js with Express, Pug, Mongoose on the server side as well as MongoDB Atlas as a managed database cluster and Heroku as our continuous deployment and operating platform.

In the first and second semesters there are only three appointments of 3 hours each, in the fourth semester there are 36 hours of practical training and guidance.

PS: I tend to avoid the word "lecture" because I want my teaching sessions to be an interactive and colloborative process at eye level.


In 2021, I rediscovered my passion for making music. I sing and play bass guitar. After a few months of covering acoustic songs with a friend, we are currently writing our own songs and have completed our band with a second guitarist and a drummer. I love punk rock, and that can be quite versatile! Have you heard of pop-punk, emo-punk, ...? There are a lot of great bands to discover, although I tend to gravitate towards the more famous ones. I may keep you updated as soon as we have something released.


I'm currently reading books about climate change and its consequences, the biography of Dave Grohl (of the band Foo Fighters) and books about Stoicism. I regularly manage books I read or plan to read in my Goodreads account. I also regularly listen to audiobooks and podcasts on topics such as psychology, personal development, software development and sometimes science. Currently, I'm studying books to further improve my training and my own learning ability. Specific recommendations may follow with the next update.

This page was updated on June 6th 2022. Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from you!

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