How to use Java 10+ with Travis CI

As of today, Travis CI only supports Java ≤ 9.

But you can download and use another version of the JDK for your Travis CI build. There is a shell-script in the Java Shell Builder project that determines the most recent (early-access) build number (for the JDK version you want), downloads the JDK archive to the user home directory and extracts it there.

I’ve taken some lines from the .travis.yml file from the JUnit 5 project, which is using the mentioned shell-script, to use them in my Java 9/10+ features sample project on GitHub. With the following lines you can use the latest Open-/Oracle JDK 10 builds to run your Travis CI script.

  language: java
  dist: trusty
  sudo: false

  - ./gradlew --version
  - ./gradlew test

Gradle 4.6 currently fails to recognise the version name “11-ea” as JDK 11, but a fix is already planned for Gradle 4.7. This is why I removed the JDK 11 lines from the JUnit project for my project.